Killer Snails Accounts

Welcome to Killer Snails Accounts, where you can connect your Killer Snails digital science journals and VR experiences.


Teachers can create a Killer Snails Accounts and organize your classroom for use with our products. It will allow you to track your student's progress, as well as leave feedback in their digital science journal.


Students can use their Killer Snails Accounts to log into their personal digital science journal so that they can unlock all the scenes in their VR experiences. Students can also view teacher feedback on their work.


Even if you are not a student or teacher, you can create a Killer Snails Accounts to log into a digital science journal to fully unlock all the scenes in our VR apps.

Killer Snails Accounts are currently used with the following:


WaterWays, students study organisms like mako sharks and learn more about human impacts on water, and water's impact on humans. While developing knowledge of the connections between ecology and human health, students will also apply what they’ve learned to come up with solutions to problems like plastic pollution. Developed in partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society, Hudson River Park, and the Mount Sinai Transdisciplinary Center on Early Environmental Exposures. The augmented reality (AR) experience is funded by the National Institute of Health and aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards. Grades 3-5.


BioDive, students take on the role of marine biologists investigating the delicate ecosystems of venomous marine snails. Throughout their expedition, students observe, discover, and hypothesize about abiotic and biotic factors that impact marine biodiversity. It combines virtual reality and digital journaling to enable students to experience the life of a scientist. Progress through the digital science journal to unlock additional scenes in the BioDive VR which is available as a free download on the App Store or get it on Google Play for free.


Killer Snails apps are available for download on the App Store or get it on Google Play